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Changes of all RouteConverter versions

Release 2.8 from 17. August '12

  • reads and writes GoRiderGPS (*.rt) files
  • reads Google Maps URLs without coordinates as Google dropped the KML support
  • follows Windows Shortcuts (*.lnk) in the local RouteCatalog
  • opens all files from a directory when a directory is dropped on RouteConverter
  • adds relief and symbols to the Hike map
  • adds the OutdoorActive maps Topographic, Austria and Swiss
  • remembers the map bounds and zoom when it is closed and uses them for the next start
  • shortens paths in the reopen menu like the Microsoft Office programs
  • moves Google Maps API calls from Java to JavaScript to make support for OpenLayers and OpenRouteService easier
  • allows to print only if there is a position
  • allows to print route descriptions only if the position list is of the type route
  • shows an increased stability of the map module when extensively used
  • fixes a bug when reading Google Earth 6.2 (*.kml) files with Track extension and non-UTC timezones
  • fixes a bug when writing Navigon Mobile Navigator (*.route) files
  • fixes a bug when reading TomTom firmware version 9 files
  • fixes a bug when reading Garmin POI (*.gpi) files with umlauts
  • fixes a bug when splitting iGO8 Route (*.kml) files
  • fixes a bug which scrambled the position order when opening multiple files at once
  • fixes a bug which made saving a converted file besides the original file very difficult
  • fixes a bug did not hide map controls during printing
  • fixes a bug to avoid 'null' output when printing
  • fixes a bug which allowed to rename or delete the root node of the RouteCatalog

Release 2.7 from 28. May '12

  • allows to browse in the local file system like in the remote RouteCatalog for faster access to routes, tracks and waypoint lists
  • supports undo and redo on all actions when browsing
  • reads all the files from ZIP Archives (*.zip)
  • reads files referred to by URL Reference (*.url) and KML NetworkLink
  • reads and writes Garmin Flight Plan (.fpl) files
  • reads Map & Guide Intranet 2009 (*.bcr) files
  • reads Google Earth 6.2 (*.kml) files with FlyTo extension
  • reads Tripmaster 3.1 (*.itn) files
  • writes Flight Recorder Data (*.igc) files
  • reduces decimal places to reasonable precision by default
  • starts with the last displayed region on the map
  • makes distance display more reliable by moving code to JavaScript
  • removes the Tiles@home server for maps as it has been shut down
  • fixes memory leaks when reading XML files and when opening new files
  • fixes a bug which prevented that the directions for routes were printed completely
  • fixes a bug which completed the wrong elevation information if the coordianates were close to zero degree longitude or latitude
  • fixes a bug where the program was locked up or the map was unuseable under Mac OS X (-XstartOnFirstThread)
  • fixes bugs when reading Navigon Mobile Navigator (*.route) files
  • fixes performance issues by using the stable Google Maps API v3.7
  • fixes a bug where the confirmation to drop changes was missing when dragging and dropping a file
  • fixes a bug when reading HTTPS Google Maps URLs
  • fixes opening a search dialog when pressing ctrl+f on the map

Release 2.6 from 25. February '12