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Changes of all RouteConverter versions

Release 2.14 from 27. April '15

  • adds the OSM-based OpenTopoMap
  • adds Portuguese localization
  • adds notifications in the lower right corner to display download progress
  • requires at least Java 7
  • uses a single JAR for 32 and 64 Bit support, which internally selected the correct version
  • uses the Apple key as an accelerator instead of Ctrl
  • uses JavaFX on Mac OS X for the map view which requires Oracle Java 7 Update 40 or later to work
  • uses version 3.18 of the Google Maps API which introduces fading of map tiles and supports the avoid ferries routing option
  • supports the Garmin TrackPointExtension v1 and v2 for GPX 1.1 (.gpx) files
  • renders a red line if a routing request to Googles servers did not return any results
  • completes elevation data when inserting positions only if the data is already locally available
  • creates trips for Garmin zümo 590LM with more than 29 waypoints
  • makes route color configurable
  • fixes reading CoPilot 9 (.trp) files which are UTF-16LE encoded
  • fixes a bug when loading the Hikemap
  • fixes a bug where the Outdoor Active Maps showed missing tiles
  • fixes a bug where the profile didn't use all the horizontally available space
  • fixes a bug in undo for completion after insertion of intermediate positions
  • fixes a bug in undo for removing positions
  • fixes a bug that WPL sentences might have no checksum
  • fixes an int overrun bug in the track duration calculation
  • fixes a bug to make value conversion for Statute and Nautic unit system commutative

Release 2.13 from 18. July '14

Release 2.12 from 4. April '14

  • allows to choose between NASA SRTM1, SRTM3 and Jonathan de Ferranti DEM 1, DEM 3 when completing elevation data
  • allows to keep the option dialog open all the time
  • offers a downloads dialog to show the previously hidden downloads of elevation data
  • adds a column to the positions table that shows the elevation difference from a position to its predecessor
  • is signed with a certificate from Certum which enables Webstart with Java 1.7.0_51 again
  • uses version 3.15 of the Google Maps API which enables the mouse wheel with Internet Explorer 11 again
  • fixes a bug when the sort menu entries are not activated directly after loading a file