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Changes of all RouteConverter versions

Release 2.23 from 9. April '18

  • reads and writes comma and semicolon separated CSV (.csv) files
  • reads and writes Microsoft Excel 97-2008 (.xls) files
  • reads and writes Microsoft Excel 2008 (.xlsx) files
  • adds Norwegian BokmÃ¥l localization
  • adds a column displaying the distance between two positions
  • supports Java 9 and Java 10
  • removes the Eclipse SWT based map
  • replaces the embedded GPSBabel 1.3.6/1.4.4 with a downloaded GPSBabel 1.5.4
  • removes support for MS Autoroute (.axe) files as GPSBabel 1.5.4 doesn't support it anymore
  • has better support for reading and writing Garmin3, Trackpoint v1 and v2 and trekbuddy extensions
  • uses Mapsforge 0.9.1 for the Offline Edition
  • replaces URLs for Strava maps
  • fixes a bug to not zoom out of map if a new map covers the currently visible region
  • fixes a bug when moving positions in the Offline Edition by decoupling dragging of markers from editing the position
  • fixes a bug when choosing to download larger maps for the Offline Edition
  • fixes a bug where a new/open file doesn't update the route in the background but displays the new route in the foreground
  • fixes a bug when reading Navigon Cruiser (.cruiser) files with binary elements
  • fixes decimal formatting in GPX 1.1 (.gpx) files with TrackPoint extensions
  • adds a workaround for broken CoPilot files on Samsung Galaxy S5
  • fixes timestamp set to 1.1.1970 if time delta is zero
  • fixes a bug when no description was found which stopped the rendering

Release 2.22 from 28. October '17

  • adds Japanese and Ukrainian localization
  • allows to configure user specific API keys for Google, Thunderforest and Geonames below Extras/Options...
  • displays copyright messages for ESRI maps
  • uses GraphHopper 0.9 and BRouter 1.4.9 for thee Offline Edition
  • uses the previous position count limit for the Google Maps Directions API, that was 23 for a short period and is now back to 8 positions per request
  • draws large position counts a lot faster for the Offline Edition
  • solves a lot of stability problems of the Offline Edition
  • fixes a bug which didn't display the notification messages for resumed downloads

Release 2.21 from 27. August '17

  • reads and writes Navigon Cruiser (.cruiser) files
  • reads Columbus Type 2 (.csv) files of Type A and B
  • writes Garmin Flight Plan (.fpl) files that Flightplan Migrator likes to read
  • offers an alternative to splitting position lists with too many positions for a file format by reducing the number of positions before saving
  • supports the Strava Cycling and Running overlays over the OSM Cycle map
  • uses Thunderforest API Keys to show the OSM Cycle map without "API Key Required" overlay
  • names the Columbus Professional format now as Columbus Type 1 (.csv)
  • allows to configure the maps and theme directory for the Offline Edition via Extras/Options...
  • uses an increased position count for the Google Maps Directions API which now allows for 24 instead of 8 positions per request
  • writes the log to file as well as to standard out
  • adjusts limit of Navigon Mobile Navigator for iPhone/iPad URLs to 25 positions
  • fixes a bug where time was not completed if only the first or the last position had time stamps
  • fixes missing redraws when zooming since hasFilteredVisibleArea() relied only on the first reduction step
  • fixes rough tracks when zooming and not having center-on-zooming turned on
  • fixes a NullPointerException when writing GPX files where tracks have no name