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Changes of all RouteConverter versions

Release 1.27 from 11. June '09

  • reads and writes klickTel Routenplaner 2009 (*.krt) files
  • reads and writes iGO 8 Track (*.trk) files
  • reads and writes Holux M-241 Binary (*.bin) files
  • opens URLs if they're copied into the file field and confirmed with 'Enter' or if they're dragged and dropped into the right part of the window
  • tries to write all information it has read from GPX files
  • supports the GPX 1.1 speed extension from trekbuddy
  • fixes a bug while updating the "Insert position list..." menu, which led to stale entries
  • uses a more compact storage for dates, such that longer tracks may be loaded

Release 1.26 from 14. May '09

Release 1.25 from 2. April '09

  • reads and writes OziExplorer Route (*.rte) files
  • reads and writes OziExplorer Track (*.plt) files
  • reads and writes OziExplorer Waypoint (*.wpt) files
  • allows the user to show and hide time and speed column via a context menu on the title of the position table
  • offers the functionality to complement elevation and place names of positions from geonames.org via a context menu on the position table
  • remembers on which screen the windows was opened and if it was minimized or maximized and tries to restore this at the next program launch
  • retains the current zoom level while deleting single positions
  • fixes a bug which led to an unprecise display of the map in the largest zoom level
  • sorts positions while reading Falk Navigator (*.tour) files like the Falk software
  • fixes a bug while reading Tom Tom Route-files which have been written by Tom Tom devices with firmware version 8
  • fixes a bug while reading pilsit.logpos files