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Changes of version 2.5

Release 2.5 from 6. November '11

  • reads and writes Navigon Mobile Navigator (*.route) files
  • reads broken Navilink (*.sbp) files without a header and with sometimes 31 bytes instead of 32 for a position
  • reads NMEA 0183 Sentences (*.nmea) even if the coordinates contain spaces
  • writes Google Earth 5 (*.kml) files with kilometer marks and a speed bar
  • writes the track extensions for Google Earth 5 (*.kml) files supporting timestamps for tracks
  • supports undo and redo when adding, removing, renaming position lists
  • displays elevation, distances and speed in miles and feet (Statute) or meters (Metric)
  • displays date and time in a timezone selected by the user with the machines timezone as a default
  • allows naming pattern for new or completed positions: Description only, Number only, Number directly followed by description and Number, a space then description
  • offers a feedback functionality which allows to send error reports and broken files from the help menu
  • uses Google Maps API V3 bringing a lot of features from maps.google.com to RouteConverter
  • allows to drag at routes to define waypoints
  • allows to avoid toll roads when routing
  • allows experimental routing for bicycles in the United States
  • allows to scroll the map with cursor keys
  • offers a context menu to the map view
  • offers a new selection model for the map: a mouse click selects nearby positions, shift + mouse click extends the current selection, ctrl + mouse click adds a position, ctrl + alt + mouse click removes a position
  • offers a new interactive zoom model for the map: pressing 'z' or clicking the new zoom symbol on the left side allow to define a map area to zoom in
  • offers a new interactive selection model for the map: pressing 's' or clicking the new selection control on the left side allow to define a map area where all positions are selected
  • extracts speed and heading from Qstarz BT-Q1000 (*.gpx) files
  • uses the latest Eclipse SWT 3.7 library making setup on recent Linux distributions easier
  • removes file upload to various online services as it was actually never used
  • tries to initialize the map forever if the Internet connection is temporarily unavailable
  • allows to use the Outdoor Active Map
  • uses tile.opencyclemap.org for the popular Cycle map
  • allows to configure alternative server URLs other than maps.google.com
  • fixes a bug that CompeGPS Data cannot be loaded into a MagicMaps2Go position list
  • fixes a timezone display bug for XML-based formats
  • fixes a bug that shortened file names after the user has typed them
  • fixes a bug that grew the selection when positions were inserted
  • fixes a bug when changes on different positions lists where undone on the currently visible position list
  • fixes a bug when not copying positions before putting them into the clipboard
  • fixes a bug when file extensions where removed twice when writing files
  • fixes a bug when copying positions between RouteConverter instances failed

Downloads for Release 2.5