... the user friendly GPS tool


The map displays the positions on a mapsforge based map next to the position list and the elevation and speed graph:

Positions on may

A context menu is available via a right click on the map:

Map operations

These operations from the menu allow to

  • select the closest position
  • insert a position
  • delete the closest position (within a circle of 15 pixels)
  • center the map
  • zoom into the map
  • zoom out of the map

There are more ways to insert or delete positions on the map:

  • Press Ctrl and do a left click on the map to insert a position
  • Press Alt and Ctrl and do a left click on the map to delete the closest position

Interactive selection and zoom

Below the move and zoom control at the left side of the map there are two extra buttons:

Select and Zoom

These buttons allow to

  • turn on an interactive zoom mode that zooms into a rectangle
  • turn on an interactive selection mode that selects all positions within a rectangle

Upon selection of these interactive modes either by pressing on one of the buttons or by using the keyboard shortcuts 'z' for zooming and 's' for selecting, the map becomes darker. Press the left mouse button and the current mouse position becomes one corner of a rectangle:

Select rectangle

Keep the left mouse button pressed and move the mouse. A lighter area shows the currently defined rectangle. Then release the left mouse button to define the other corner of the rectangle. Finally the select or zoom operation is applied to the given rectangle.

There are more ways to select positions on the map:

  • A left click on the map selects a position in the map, the profile graph and the position list.
  • Pressing Shift while doing the left click adds the position to the current selection - thereby extending the selection with another position.