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How can I develop using NetBeans?

The following steps have been figured out by NetBeans developers:

Prepare NetBeans

Checkout github-Repository

  • Select "Team > Git > Clone" and type "git://github.com/cpesch/RouteConverter"
  • Select "master" as "Remote Branch"
  • "Open Project..." ausw√§hlen
  • "Projects > Modules" should now show up about 30 projects

Start RouteConverter out of NetBeans

  • Select "Projects > RouteConverter > Open Required Projects"
  • Select "Navigate > Go to Type...", type "RouteConverter" and confirm
  • Select "Debug > Debug File"

What is left over

  • how to select the Maven modules RouteConverterWindows for 32-bit Java or RouteConverterWindows64 for 64-bit Java to ensure that the map is displayed