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How do I transfer a route from Google Maps to RouteConverter?

There are at least three ways to achieve this:

  • choose 'Send' on the Google Maps page and send the route as an email to yourself, then drag and drop the email body from the mail program into RouteConverter
  • choose 'URL for this page' on the Google Maps page to display an URL for the current route, then drag and drop the URL into RouteConverter
  • drag and drop the Google Maps URL from the Webbrowser into RouteConverter

To drop something into RouteConverter choose the right side of RouteConverter or the elevation profile in the bottom. The left side is used for the map which is an embedded web browser which cannot be used as a drop target.

If the route is not displayed on the map, the coordinates for the route haven't been transferred correctly. Then the coordinates have to be completed by geocoding them.